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Any valuable technology will eventually be part of everyday life

Our Belief

There’s no denying that blockchain technology has incredible potential and the ability to revolutionize our current financial system.
Similar to most innovations, non-fungible tokens need the time to settle down in our everyday life. Akin to thermal equilibrium, the question about this process is when, not if.

Our Mission

wdma. is a platform that support artists to promote their work in the blockchain space, leveraging non-fungible tokens, widely known as NFTs. Opening a whole world of possibilities for expression through generative art, our platform aims to unleash a technology-agnostic, unrestricted universe for the creative spirit. Our platform handles the boilerplates and the often confusing technical details of working with the blockchain and, therefore, allows its artists to focus on what really matters - Art.
Powered by Binance Smart Chain, assets are accommodated on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS) using Pinata.


Our project in a nutshell


If the collection is not sold out, collectors pay the price per mint set by the artist and create a token of level 0. All the collectibles will be alike but different from each other because of the two parameters that are fed to the JS algorithm:

seed - obtained from the buyer’s wallet address padded with the block timestamp and the token id with a hash applied on top

level - 0 for minted collectibles; increased by one with every breed.


If you are not fully satisfied with the resulted artwork, some projects lets you re-try, hoping for a better outcome. You can do it once or multiple times, depending on the maximum number of re-rolls set by the artist, at a cheaper price then mint.

Disclaimer - Once you re-rolled, the old seed will be replaced by the new seed. This means that the old artwork is gone. Forever.


Finally, the most exciting part. Here, the collector becomes part of the creative process, tweaking the seed to obtain a custom tailored piece of art. The resulted collectible will carry all the tokens that contributed to its birth - showcased as a binary family tree.

Disclaimer - A collectible can be used in maximum one breeding process. After that, the parent tokens won’t be owned anymore by the collector but the zero address. That means they cannot be sold, but, unlike re-rolls, they can still be seen as part of the collection.